Week 13- No class!

Yes as stated on the headline, there was no class in this week. Why? because as usual, our lecturer is giving us a chance to complete our final video.

Thanks again Dr! ūüėÄ

Week 12- Shootings!

Knock Knock! Hello? : D

The trailer were presented and given positive comments on what to improve in the video. In today’s class we were given more advice on what to improvise in our video and after the class my friends and I planned to go for shooting.

We also discussed and considered the comments and advice given to us to be inserted in our video. I have this one groupie who is very good in playing with editing stuff and video and he’s our director and editor (obviously) and when I looked at the way he took the shots, I could not understand why he did it that way or this way and I asked him ” why did you take it that way” and he said, “because before you take shots, the whole story should be in your mind already” I was amazed and I really want to learn from him because I tell you, he had produced very good videos before and his name is Azrulshafik.

What I learnt this week is, even though we are taking education, we should not forget to learn other skills too because it helps a lot not only in academic perspective but also in real life, no matter what skills do you know.

Week 11- Trailer Presentation


Hello there!

The announcement above was given to us through Facebook the night before the next day’s class. But, the sad thing is, I was not able to attend this class as I was having a menstrual pain. I was planning to go after I have read the ¬†announcement but I was awaken by the pain and I was just lying on the bed until 2 p.m and it felt awful.

However, I was told by my group mates that the activity in the class was asked to present the trailer for the video and I’m so grateful for having them as my groupies as they understood my condition.

Thank you groupies!

WEEK 10- Progressing on our Video!

There is no class in week 10 but does not mean we did not have to do our final project as Dr Rosseni had asked us to focus on it. So yeah we’re on track.

Thank you Dr for letting us to have our time in doing progress on our Video and as a future teacher, I really need to be realistic. What i mean by that is, I cannot push students to do a lot of things in one time and I believe that, this will benefit the students and the teacher.

Once again thank you Dr.

Week 9- Free Food! Yeay!

Hello there my beloved readers!

Today we got free food! *cheering*… thank you Dr. thank you soooo muchhh… we were so happy for having free breakfast and the thing that doubled our happiness was, we were allowed to eat in the Computer Lab. *cheering even more*

Alright enough with the food. Now lets go the the serious deal. In this class we were asked to do our own story-board for our final presentation and  we were given materials like Mahjong paper, markers and colorful note-pad. Frankly, it was my first time doing story-board and I must admit that it was very interesting and I am so going to ask my future students to do the same.

Why is this activity is good for me? It is good because it is simple and my group and I were able to show our rough idea about our video. It is also not a boring learning activity for students and as I said, we can use this method in the future to help us in the real class. I would give a thumb up for this activity!

WEEK 8- We’re Back fellas!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Week of studying has started again and in this class our attendance had been checked and we were given warning since there were some of us who had been missing the classes before the Midsem break. Of course all of us know the consequences of escaping class less than 75% (purpose or not purposely) which is, we could be banned from taking the exam yet we still do it. I personally feel awful about this as I also sometimes have a bad habit (waking up late) and it is really effect my time management. Hoping my classmates and I can improve ourselves!

After a long advice session (which is very useful for a stubborn mind like me), Finally we had the chance to see and take our pictures during the Penang trip from the Ipad that we had used. We were given a chance to choose some of the pictures to be  posted  in the Facebook group and it will be evaluated on the techniques used.  This is really an enjoy activity for me as I am a kind of a person who likes taking pictures.

In this class, I had learnt that you need a creativity in taking pictures and you certainly need to know the techniques on editing, angles and what not. So, next time when I have my own camera (apart from phone’s camera), I will apply the lesson that i have learnt.

See you on next week’s class. Adioossss….. : )

WEEK 6-Reflection for GE2153 Technology in Education


Yeay!! Finally, outside class! so this is what really happened. On friday, we did not have class. Instead, we took bus at 11 P.M of 16th of October (Friday) and we reached Penang at 5-6 A.M (i cannot remember the exact time) on Thursday. There, we went to the historical places and buildings and take photos for our assignment.


We were full of joy while going to this trip as we went there as a group and this made our bond stronger between us. This kind of learning is so fun and i will not forget to instill it to my class when i become a teacher. We went to Batu Ferringhi, Kapitan Keling Mosque and Fort Cornwallis. It was such a great memories.








At 9 0’clock at night we went home and we reached UKM at 4 in the morning on sunday.I was an exhausting day but worth it. During this field trip, communication between us were very important as we must move in one group so that we will not missing our group members.There are many pictures that we have taken, but it is in our facebook group page.

Thanks to the lecturers and Dr. Rosseni as they were willing to accompany us there, in Penang.


WEEK 5-Reflection for GE2153 Technology in Education

Oh My Gosh!!!!! : /

I was late to class! I went to class at 9.30 and the class started at 9, i was overslept. Sorry Dr…..

Anyway, today’s class was briefing¬†on the task assigned for the day which to plan the genre, story board and moral value we intend to instill in our group work video project and also about our trip to Penang for our assignment next week. I only met her a short time as she has to attend some meeting in KTAMS.

Personally, I like today’s briefing about the genre, story board and moral value that we wanted to insert in our video because this has made myself clear about how to organize our group’s video.

After this class, we went to have our brunch in our group to discuss about the task assigned for each group and all of us (Farah Afifah, Azrulshafik, Phoenysia,Syafiq and I) decided to go to the theme ‘nature’ in our video.

WEEK 4-Reflection for GE2153 Technology in Education

Hello EduTech!! ūüėÄ

In particular class, we were give task to be completed, and the questions were;

-Genres in photography, Techniques used in photography,How the shot was taken in photography, The preparation to get such shot.

All of these questions I have completed by asking and discussing with few friends of mine along with searching the information in the internet. During having this class, i was not feeling as much fun as the class before but i was still enjoying doing this task with my friends.

Anyway, this was a good lesson as it trigger us to know more about the world of photography.In my opinion this lesson is very important as as a future teacher, I need to be more sensitive about these things in technology otherwise my students will be  more updated and i will be left behind.

All in all what i have learned is about photography in general and people might think this has nothing to do with TESL but believe it or not TESL is not just teaching English but also making the technology part of teaching profession.

So, what is the plan to acquire this skill in photography? Well, i will borrow one of my friend’s camera and try to do those skills that has been taught, not to say to master it but at least i know how to use it.